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Brianna Asenjo

We at Vanité llc are excited to bring you our complete beauty website! Enjoy a discount of 10% off your final purchase at checkout! A special gift from us at Vanité llc to you for shopping with us during our launching period! Stay tuned for fashion and beauty additions to our product collections! 

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Vanité is proud to announce the launch of our website!

Brianna Asenjo

I am proud to announce The Launch of Vanité llc website! View our opening blog post to get a glimpse into our first store location and all of the great products we carry! Our goal is to provide our beautiful customers with thoughtfully selected products and immaculate customer service! We are focused on showcasing a new standard of beauty retail and making it a universal expectation, in turn ridding us (women) of mediocre products, retail locations, and services. Support our cause today and change the world of beauty tomorrow! I am happy and grateful this day has finally come and I can't wait to share all of my dreams with you! <3 Come visit our store location to view our entire product collection including some items not found online! Thank you so much for all of your support and it will not be without good for all women in return! 

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